15 May, Friday @ 8:30 AM PDT [Re-scheduled]

Meeting URL: https://bluejeans.com/441822499?src=join_info

Meeting ID: 441 822 499

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+1.408.419.1715 (United States(San Jose))
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Registered Attendees

NameRegister ForNameRegister ForNameRegister ForNameRegister ForNameRegister For
Matt HarrisSeminar
Trent MillerSeminar (Audio)
Emily ParksSeminar (Audio)
Emily ParksSeminar (Audio)
Alan MyrickSeminar
Karen CobbSeminar (Audio)
Anne ReganSeminar (Audio)
Thane BishopSocialJULIA MCDONALDSocial
Jared EstesSocial, Seminar
Neil BurlesonSeminar (Audio)
Dwaine WhitleySeminar (Audio)
Sophia TuckerSeminar (Audio)
Trent MillerSeminar (Audio)
Corinna LawrenceSeminar
Chad MarcusSeminar (Audio)
Aimee SaitoSeminar (Audio)
Joseph LooneySocial, Seminar
Aimee DavisSeminar (Audio)
Kathy StanfordSeminar (Audio)
Sharon GillespieSeminar (Audio)
Virginia AndersonSocial, Seminar
Holly CataldoSocialTommy MallardSocial
Mark AndersonSocial, Seminar
Leah CrosbySocial, SeminarChase CrosbySocial
Paul McMahanSocial, SeminarBecky McMahanSocialDavid MCMahanSocial, SeminarLynann ReckartSocial, Seminar
Jim DavisSocial, Seminar
Ben WardSocial, Seminar
David ClarkSocial, SeminarMegan ClarkSocial
Marsha HayesSocialAbby HinsonSocial
Jason BlochSocial, Seminar
James MilnerSocial, Seminar
Frank MundySocial, SeminarChristy ShumateSocial, Seminar
Anthony AldermanSocial, SeminarMelissa AldermanSocialPhilip PorterSocial, SeminarJen PorterSocial
Wade BrownSocial, Seminar
Ashley LemmondSocial, Seminar
Kevin KilpatrickSocial, SeminarAshley FosterSocial
John PalmerSocial, SeminarDenise LongSocial
Nick MiguezSocialKristin MiguezSocial
Nick MiguezSocialKristin MiguezSocial
Ben AlisonSocial, Seminar
Matthew StarlingSocial, Seminar
Steven KingSocial, Seminar
Steve NicholsSocial, SeminarLeigh Ann NicholsSocial
Matt HarrisSocial
Matthew RhoadSocial, Seminar
Michael WilfongSocial, Seminar
Judy JonesSocial, Seminar
Steven DooleySocialShanon DooleySocial
Steve ChastainSocial, Seminar
LISA NORRISSocial, Seminar