Summer Social – Asheville NC

August 26th, 2021

 Venue: Hi Wire Brewing (Big Top Location) 

Address: 2A Huntsman Place 

Catering by Bears BBQ Smokehouse 

Price: FREE To All Chapter 31 Members 

6pm until 9pm 

Summer Seminar – Asheville NC

August 27th, 2021 

Venue: DoubleTree Inn by Hilton Asheville – Biltmore Village 

Seminar Fee: $40 In Person; $20 Virtual Option 

8am until 2pm 

Link for online reservations:

Reservations over the phone:
Reserve your hotel room at DoubleTree Inn by Hilton Asheville by calling
(800) 222-8733 or (828) 274-1800

Group Name: IRWA-Chapter 31
Group Code: IRW Hotel Address: 115 Hendersonville Road, Asheville, North Carolina, 28803

The DoubleTree Inn reservations office is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. For individuals to receive the established Group rate, they must identify themselves as members of the Group initially when making the reservation.

All reservations must be received by the Group’s cut-off date by 4pm, August 6th, 2021 and guaranteed with credit card.

Registered Attendees

NameRegister ForNameRegister ForNameRegister ForNameRegister ForNameRegister For
Macy RudisillSocial
Edwin PetersSocial, Seminar
Ida BuchananSocial, Seminar
Micki BarberSocialMatt BearrowSocial
Michael WilfongSocial
Jeremy MIllerSocial, Seminar
Ida BuchananSocial
Kimberly SmithSeminar Virtual
carol loydSocial, Seminarpaula gourleySeminar
Nanette BlevinsSeminar
Leisa SossamonSocial, Seminar
Julie MilleaSocial, Seminar
Kimberly CalhounSocial, Seminar
Matthew BearrowSocial, Seminar
Wendi McCrainSocial, Seminar
Angela FergusonSocial
Angela FergusonSocial
Joe MartinSocial
John C PalmerSocialJake PalmerSocial
Angela FergusonSeminar
Brian DebnamSeminar
Sharon GillespieSocial, Seminar
Jennifer BlankenshipSocial, Seminar
Norwood WestSocial, Seminar
Jacob BurnetteSocial, Seminar
Steven DooleySocialShanon DooleySocial
Steven KingSocial, Seminar
Mike MillerSocial, Seminar
Bill SaundersSocial, SeminarMartha PurserSocial, SeminarTim HuieSocial, Seminar
James DavisSocial, Seminar
JOHN HORNESocial, Seminar
Virginia AndersonSeminar
Tavaras EllisSocial, Seminar
Buz MooreSocial, Seminar
Lori CoxSeminar
Michelle BrabhamSocial, SeminarHolly CataldoSocial, Seminar
William JohnsonSocial, Seminar
Tom FoxSocial, Seminar
Lee FulcherSocial, Seminar
Brian DebnamSocial
Angel BanksSocial, Seminar
Bruce MonkSocial, SeminarBruce MonkSocial
Michael CrookSocial, Seminar
Matthew RhoadSocial, Seminar
Anthony AldermanSocial
Bobby ByrdSocial, Seminar
Lisa NorrisSocial, Seminar
Claire TronelSocial, Seminar
Anthony AldermanSeminar
Steve ChastainSeminar