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803 Eminent Law Basics for ROW Professionals

Wednesday, October 19, 2022
8:00AM - 5:00PM

Class will be held at
Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina (CHRM)

$415 for members,
$520 for non-members

Fall Social

Thursday, October 20, 2022
6:00PM - 9:00PM

Al Oswald’s Low Country Boil
1041 West Ocean View Road, Charleston, SC 29412
BUS SERVICE PROVIDED TO/FROM AL’S: Leaves Hotel @ 5PM/ Leaves Al’s @ 9PM


Fall Seminar

Friday, October 21, 2022
8AM - 2PM

Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina
Enjoy 4 Presenters sharing topics from the R/W industry
Chapter 31 Business Meeting also will be held during the Seminar
Lunch will be catered and included in Seminar Fees


Hotel Accommodations:

Please find the reservation booking methods below for your attendees to start making their hotel room
reservations for the IRWA – Chapter 31 conference arriving on October 18th.

Link for online reservations:
Use this booking link should you choose to reserve your room online.
Reservations over the phone:
Individual reservations can also be made by calling the Hotel directly at (843) 856-0028 or (888) 856-0028. The CHR&M reservations office is open from 8:00am until 6:00pm. For individuals to receive the established Group rate, they must identify themselves as members of the Group initially when making the reservation. Use IRWA Chapter 31 as the Group name.
All reservations must be received by the Group’s cut-off date of Wednesday, September 21st, 2022 and guaranteed with a credit card.”

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Chapter Guest / PresenterSharon RichardsonSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersGene ElliottSocial, Seminar
Chapter Guest / PresenterGene ElliottSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersDenise LongSocial
Member / All Otherssophie creechSocial
Member / All OthersO’Tika CherrySocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersKevin LeeSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersDenise LitzauSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersClaire AufranceSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersKelli MettsSocial
Sponsorship AttendeeJacob BurnetteSocial
Sponsorship AttendeeBuz MooreSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersTodd CatonSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersBecky InsognaSocial, Seminar
Sponsorship AttendeeBill SaundersSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersTravis AvantSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersJustin BeebeSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersSteven KingSocial
Member / All OthersCraig LongSocial, Seminar
Chapter Guest / PresenterAJ BryantSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersDavid MooreSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersAndrew BradshawSocial, Seminar
Sponsorship AttendeePhilip PorterSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersNikki EdmondsonSocial
Sponsorship AttendeeKimberly HinesSocial, Seminar
Chapter Guest / PresenterNikki EdmondsonSocial
Member / All OthersRobbie JamesSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersTavaras EllisSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersEthan PardueSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersChip CisneSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersLynn GreenSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersEdwin PetersSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersRay DormanSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersJanielle EdgeSocial, Seminar
Chapter Guest / PresenterDenise LitzauSocial, Seminar
Chapter Guest / PresenterConnie KalimerakisSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersJohn PalmerSocial, Seminar
Chapter Guest / PresenterGerard KrebsSocial, Seminar
Chapter Guest / PresenterLinda BahrSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersErin ProtheroeSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersNancy ProtheroeSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersJill RossellSocial, Seminar
Sponsorship AttendeeW. Chris MorrisSocial, Seminar
Sponsorship AttendeeChris Morris, MAI, FRICSSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersJULIE MCDONALDSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersMartha PurserSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersDIANE JOHNSONSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersTricia AddissSocial
Member / All OthersTom FoxSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersCarol LoydSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersKristofer VogelSocial, Seminar
Chapter Guest / PresenterBenita HarringtonSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersJeff FurrSocial, Seminar
Sponsorship AttendeeDavid WortmanSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersJim McGowanSocial, Seminar
Sponsorship AttendeeAnthony AldermanSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersALVIN WILSONSocial
Member / All OthersPatricia WilsonSocial
Member / All OthersPatricia WilsonSeminar
Member / All OthersPaula GourleySocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersAlan PattersonSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersKelly RandallSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersChris DavisSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersSharita WhitakerSocial, Seminar
Member / All Othersdavid watermanSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersBrad MarshSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersTim ThomasSocial
Sponsorship AttendeeMIchael WilfongSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersBobby ByrdSocial, Seminar
Chapter Guest / PresenterIda BuchananSocial, Seminar
Chapter Guest / PresenterKevin MuldowneySocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersFrank MundySocial
Member / All OthersWilliam JohnsonSocial, Seminar
Sponsorship AttendeeKevin KilpatrickSocial, Seminar
Sponsorship AttendeeKevin KilpatrickSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersMatthew StarlingSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersLisa NorrisSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersTim HuieSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersHUGH THOMPSONSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersSophie TuckerSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersAnne ReganSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersAimee DavisSocial, Seminar
Sponsorship AttendeeSteve BostSocial, Seminar
Sponsorship AttendeeNeil BurlesonSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersMelissa CainSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersFaith ThomasSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersLee ThomasSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersJohn TerrySocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersMatthew RhoadSocial, Seminar

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