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Winter Social

Thursday, January 26, 2023
6:00PM - 9:00PM

Social at Rizzo Center



Friday, January 27, 2023
8AM - 2PM

Rizzo Center
150 Dubose Home Ln
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27517


Hotel Accommodations:

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Use this booking link should you choose to reserve your room online.
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The link will always prepopulate the dates for a week so your guests will just need to select their exact dates. If anyone would like to make reservations over the phone, needs another type of room, or needs extended dates, they can call  (888) 591-1234. 


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Sponsorship AttendeePhilip PorterSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersJennifer MirgleSeminar
Member / All OthersMonica LongSocial
Member / All OthersJohn YeagleySocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersGregory Van HooseSeminar
Member / All OthersMonica LongSeminar
Member / All OthersAllison PantSeminar
Member / All OthersLarry WrightSeminar
Member / All OthersDustin KornegaySeminar
Member / All OthersRichard CampbellSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersDavid WatermanSocial, Seminar
Sponsorship AttendeeTammy WortmanSocial, Seminar
Sponsorship AttendeeDavid WortmanSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersRobert MathesSeminar
Member / All OthersKanika StricklandSeminar
Member / All OthersKevin MuldowneySocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersBrian RogersSeminar
Member / All OthersTavaras EllisSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersLisa NorrisSocial, Seminar
Chapter Guest / PresenterJason PatskoskiSeminar
Chapter Guest / PresenterEvan MorganSeminar
Member / All OthersNanette BlevinsSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersW. Christopher MorrisSocial
Member / All OthersNatalie LathanSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersJoshua FreySocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersSteven KingSocial, Seminar
Sponsorship AttendeeAndrew CableSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersJohn RobertsSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersDenise LongSocial
Member / All OthersJohn PalmerSocial, Seminar
Chapter Guest / PresenterJohn LarsonSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersJustin AmosSeminar
Chapter Guest / PresenterLuis PagesSeminar
Member / All OthersWilliam JohnsonSocial, Seminar
Sponsorship AttendeeSamuel BryanSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersJoel AlvaradoSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersJOHN HORNESocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersJoseph LooneySocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersDennis PeeblesSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersBradley BowersSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersO’Tika CherrySocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersTodd PaceSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersMatthew StarlingSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersHolly CataldoSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersMichelle BrabhamSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersSharon GillespieSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersJULIE MCDONALDSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersIda BuchananSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersMelanie LeachSeminar
Member / All OthersEdwin FarrSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersEdwin PetersSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersTrent MillerSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersSarah Beth GentrySeminar
Member / All OthersSusan MullinsSeminar
Member / All OthersMatthew RhoadSocial, Seminar
Sponsorship AttendeeNeil BurlesonSocial, Seminar
Chapter Guest / PresenterTrent MillerSocial, Seminar
Sponsorship AttendeeSteve BostSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersBobby ByrdSocial, Seminar
Member / All OthersFrank MundySocial, Seminar
Sponsorship AttendeeMichael WilfongSocial, Seminar
Chapter Guest / PresenterHeather FulghumSocial
Sponsorship AttendeeAnthony AldermanSocial, Seminar

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