NCRR 101 & Railroad Resources for Right of Way Professionals


The LPA Committee of Chapter 31 will present a free webinar from the NC Railroad in regard to the Railroad System itself, and also Railroad ROW Acquisitions and Easements,


Tuesday, March 14, from 2:00 pm – 3:15 pm



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NCRR 101 & Railroad Resources for Right of Way Professionals The North Carolina Railroad Company manages a 317-mile rail corridor that comprises only a small portion of the overall rail network in NC and beyond. Many aspects of any railroad’s policies can either affect, or be affected by, real estate transactions, surveying activity, and local government initiatives. This presentation will cover the NCRR Corridor Management Program, NCRR’s efforts to modernize the survey record, and NCRR’s partnerships to improve discoverability of the NCRR corridor. Information regarding how to retrieve and decipher various railroad resources such as Primary Operating Railroad, DOT Crossing Inventory Number, Valuation Maps, etc.. The information presented will provide tools, resources and the knowledge to perform research activities along and adjacent to a railroad corridor in a more accurate, efficient, and safe manner. Questions in regards to Railroad ROW Acquisitions and Easements will also be addressed. Kristian Forslin, GISP, PLS Kristian is the GIS and Survey Manager for the NC Railroad Company and has over 25 years of experience in the geospatial industry. He has been active in the community through participation on a number of boards and committees including CURISA, NCGICC, and NCSS among others. He has also authored numerous articles on surveying, railroad, geospatial, and damage prevention matters. Robert Dobronski will also attend the webinar to answer questions. If you have any questions regarding railroad easements etc., to be answered in the seminar, please email

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